review UK airport hotels - write a review of a UK airport hotel

Review UK Airport Hotels - Write a review of any UK airport hotel

Have you stayed at a gatwick airport hotel? A heathrow airport hotel? Any UK airport hotel! Loved it and will always go there? Hated it and will never go back? Value for money or you get what you pay for? Whatever you think, we're interested in your views.

Other peoples honest feedback has persuaded us to book an airport hotel we've never heard of, or not.... Let other people learn from your mistakes or your successes.

As long as they're not rude, we put reviews up, linked from the airport hotel page on this website so that people can do just that (and if we don't have a page for the hotel, we'll put one up).

All you have to do is fill in the form below. Please read our feedback guidelines - what makes a good review first for more information.

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4. Rate this hotel (5 is the best - 1 is the worst)

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6. Please write your review (up to 400 words) - or you could just tell us what you enjoyed most about the hotel and / or what you think they should change.

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