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Hilton Stansted
4 star - from £99 inc. 15 days parking via Holiday Extras, APH, FHR & Superbreak

Radisson SAS Stansted
4 star - from £99 room only via APH, FHR, Holiday Extras, Superbreak & Active
Express Holiday Inn Stansted
3 star - from £99 inc. 8 days parking via Holiday Extras, APH & Active
Yew Tree Inn Stansted
2 star - £89 inc. 15 days parking from Holiday Extras
Best Western Stansted Manor
3 star - from £90 inc. 15 days parking via APH, Active & Superbreak
Days Inn Hotel Stansted
2 star - from £69 inc. 15 days parking via Holiday Extras, Active & Superbreak
Down Hall Hotel Stansted
4 star - from £68 per person inc. 15 days parking via APH, FHR & Superbreak
Warmans Barn House
3 star - £69 room only from Holiday Extras
Whitehall Hotel
3 star - £89 inc. 15 days parking via APH, Superbreak & Holiday Extras
Park Inn Harlow
3 star - £80 room only via APH & Superbreak
Travelodge Great Dunmow
3 star - £59 room only via Superbreak
Saracen's Head Hotel Stansted
3 star - from £89 inc. 15 days parking from Holidayextras & FHR
Harlow Moat House Hotel
3 star - from £69 room only or £89 inc. 15 days parking from APH, Active & Holiday Extras
De-Salis Hotel Stansted
doubles from £75 inc. 8 days parking from APH & Active
Bushel and Sack Hotel Stansted
3 star - single rooms from £65 or doubles from £105 inc. 15 days parking from FHR
Angel and Harp Hotel Stansted
from £89 inc. 15 days parking via FHR
Ford Manor Hotel Stansted
from £79 inc. 15 days parking via FHR
Stansted Airport Motel
2 star - from £90 inc. 15 days parking via Holiday Extras
Little Hallingbury Mill Hotel
2 star - from £85 inc. 8 days parking via APH

Stansted Airport Hotels

Click here to visit our one click quotes page to enter your dates once and quickly compare the cost of all stansted airport hotels across all suppliers. You get the stansted hotel you want, at the best price.

Click on any of the hotel names in the left hand column for a review of each of these hotels near stansted airport. Or read the 60 second primer below for a quick guide to the top hotels with parking.

For the cheapest prices, some of the companies below offer 'undercover', 'mystery' or 'super saver' hotels, where you know the hotel star rating and parking package before you book, but not the name of the hotel. This will usually save you £10 - £20 compared to a 'named' hotel (sometimes the same hotel, look closely at the description - the star rating and distance from the airport - and you can often spot which one it is). To compare prices, use the link above.

(If you are looking for airport parking visit the stansted parking page of

Stansted Airport Hotel Guide

A growing number of hotels near Stansted Airport offer free airport parking after (or before) one nights stay, which (because you get 'free' airport parking - and parking at the airport is so expensive) usually means that an overnight stay at a hotel works out almost as cheap, and sometimes cheaper, than just booking airport parking.

If you want to be at an 'on airport' hotel it's a choice of three - the Hilton, Express Holiday Inn and the Radisson SAS. Depending on the time of year, you can often get a good deal at all of them, but if you're on a budget, you are often better off selecting a smaller hotel, motel or even a traditional coaching inn slightly further away from the airport (but that offers free parking and free transfers). You will be slightly further away, but you will also save on the cost.

For style and convenience the Radisson SAS Stansted is hard to beat. It is connected to the terminal via a covered walkway, so you have a 2 minute stroll from your hotel to the check in desk. It is 4 star, has excellent facilities, a wine tower with 'angels' and walls of glass too. It is also available as part of a 'with free airport parking' package, making it attractive to holiday and business travellers.

If you don't need a hotel with leisure facilities, the Express Holiday Inn is the number one choice at Stansted, especially for families. Or, if you do want a hotel with facilities, but you would prefer to pay less for your hotel than at the Radisson, check out the Stansted Hilton. It is a 4 star hotel too, but it is significantly to be cheaper.

Holiday Extras: (click on the name to jump to the website) offer a choice of up to 10 stansted airport hotels at discounted rates.

Holiday Extras room rates range from £59 for one night in a double room at a budget hotel with no parking to between £99 and £149 for one night at the Hilton or the Radisson SAS.

(Note: you can book with Holiday Extras 'off-line' by telephoning 0871 360 2110).

FHR Hotels: (click on the name to jump to the website) offer less choice than Holiday Extras, but they are usually the cheapest for the hotels they do offer, especially for family rooms, for single rooms and for rooms at the Hilton.

(Note: book with FHR 'offline' by telephoning 08444 122 902).

APH Hotels: to make sure you get the best deal, compare the prices at Holiday Extras and FHR with the hotels on offer at APH (again click on the name to jump to the website).

Not only do they compete with the others on price at the Radisson SAS, the Park Inn Harlow, the Stansted Manor and a number of others, they also have a few budget hotels that the other two do not have, including a Stansted B&B.

(Note: book over the telephone with APH on 0844 871 7436)

Superbreak: are a UK hotels website with a great choice of hotels - including some not offered by the other four. Superbreak also offer a wide choice of room types too, including single and twin rooms and rooms at Down Hall, an excellent (if expensive) 4 star country house style hotel near the airport.

Superbreak are particularly cheap if you don't need airport parking, but note that they quote prices on a per person basis not per room and if you want an airport hotel including free parking make sure it's included in the hotel description. If it's not in the description then it's not included.

(Note: book over the telephone with Superbreak on 0871 221 2717)

Active Hotels: (this link takes you directly to the Active Stansted hotels page) are another discount hotels website. They offer a wide choice of hotels, some of which include free airport parking (unfortunately, you need to go to the individual hotel pages to find this out). Make sure you keep an eye on the 'distance from the airport' column with Active too, as they list some hotels that are quite a way from the airport.

Also beware, although the room rate at Active may include airport parking, it usually will not include transfers to or from the airport (whereas the prices of FHR / APH / Holiday Extras usually do).

We recommend that you search for a hotel near Stansted airport in the following order:

Click here to visit our one click quotes page to enter your dates once and quickly compare the cost of hotels across all suppliers or search in the following order - first Holiday Extras (for a wide choice at low prices - to get a good benchmark) then each of FHR, APH, Superbreak and Active in turn, for their prices, but also for their unique hotels. Then book!

The whole process should take no more than 15 minutes (less if you use the one click quotes link above) and will ensure that you get the hotel you want at the best price. Good luck and enjoy your holiday.

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